DIPAK NANDI on Father’s Day

Next father’s day, Dipak Nandi, will spend some time with his family. He will be staying at

his home in California and celebrating the day as his family as planned. The day will start from bed

tea which his daughter will prepare. With tea, as a usual practice he will take two pieces of butter


Once , bed tea is over, he will get ready for morning walk and take his family along for the same. Fast

walking, slow walking, running, jogging as usual will form a part of his morning walk activity but this

time everyone belong to his family will do the same with him. His daughter will then gift him with

something special to mark the occasion.

Dipak Nandi would not miss work for sure but it Sunday or Father’s day. This father’s day, he would

teach his daughter some corporate practices especially from the strategic sense. He feels that it

would be a great learning for her which she would remember during her entire life time.

Evening tea, for Dipak Nandi, this father’s day would be special as after a long time he will have

sweets. Being diabetic, sweets are restricted for him by his family doctor but this father’s day he has

kept it open only for evening tea.

Dinner would also be special and include special chicken meat, once again made by his daughter.

More than dinner, the night story (after Dinner) that Dipak Nandi would tell his daughter will be one

of its kind and would revolve around moral values that one should have.